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Explore Peru

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Thrill-seeking adventures

As you head to Peru via an Air Pantanal Jet, you’re immersing yourself in a once in a lifetime experience for the rest of your life. You will continue Sharing these moments with your loved ones when you return and reliving the unforgettable memories of visting peru. Itis a gift that goes on giving. Seeing the sunrise over the ancient ruins of Glorious Machu Picchu.

unique locations

Peru isn’t just trailing to Machu Picchu, It is far from it. Many people think it’s for ‘people of outdoor nature’, and while it certainly has more than its fair share to offer in that outdoorsy avenue, Peru also has plenty of unstated experience of its destinations. For example, have you ever known that Cusco and Lima are the most luxurious traveller’s paradise. One minute your in the jungle and the next minute you are soaking up the sun on the beach the next.

landscape around every corner

Get glorified in the tropical beaches and then experiene the deep silence of the Amazon jungle, and then back to soaring sand dunes and deserts of wonderful Peru. The Air Pantanal team's recomendedfavourites have to be the colourful Vinicunca or better known as the Rainbow Mountain, the concentrated circles of Moray ancient Ruins in this Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon (which is thrice as deep as the Grand Canyon!) and of course not to forget, the wonder of the world, Machu Picchu.

Eat foods you’ve never even heard of before

Ok, so by the time you are deciding to leave Peru, cullinary wise, you are guaranteed to have tasted dishes you’ve never ever have even dreamed of! They have over 1,000 varieties of potato and 35 varieties of corn and it’s hard to believe, but you can’t get bored of them as they are so delicious.

No surprise that Peru is the perfect holiday for everyone.

The experiencce of the infamous piranhas, so close in the Amazon, is an experience you are denying yourself. All these unforgettable moments will give you a dearth of knowledge about Peru and its culture​ and its ancient traditions.

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Top Places to Visit in Peru

Peru gives you the chance to tick off every adrenaline packed activity on your bucket list!

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Experience Authentic Peruian Culture

Live the endless adventurous experiences in Peru. And belive us when we tell you that there’s one experience to fit everyone. Surfing, hiking, mountain bike riding, scuba diving, paragliding, zip lining and bungee jumping… you will get it all in Peru. Peru gives you the lifetime experience to tick off every adrenaline rushing activity on your personal bucket list!

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