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Plan your trip to Italy with the perfect Air Pantanal itinerary.

Enjoy the country's picturesque charms—the small towns and the Italian villages, often lying on hilltops amid rolling landpatches of green fields and naturally-painted meadows. These reflections of history, and in their atmospheric surroundings, you'll have a better chance to meet and interact with the country's greatest treasure—its inhabitants.

Italy may not be a very big place, but it holds many  attractions into a small country. Even the most energetic traveller will hve to strive to expect to see it all at once. You can experience the very top visitations in one trip, or you can choose one region to explore in more detail.

The hilltop towns in Tuscany are legendary for their landscape, their vibrant history, and the oozing romance of their settings. Many still reflect the walls and castles that were built in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and the art in their churches show Tuscany’s wealth and power.

Milan to Venice

Though you can move from Milan to Venice by train in two and a half hours, the same route provides a made-to-order visitation of some of northern Italy’s most popular art and historic visitations. The route connects major Roman strongholds, centers of medieval and Renaissance culture, religious landmarks, and great centers of historical data.

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