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Red Square

No trip to Moscow is complete without visiting the world famous Kremlin and Red Square, these sites are home to a rich political and military history and you will often find commemorative military parades taking place in Red Square.

unique locations

History buffs will enjoy exploring traditional Moscow. The capital’s status as the political, financial and strategic centre, first of the Tsardom and then the Soviet Union, has left its traces on many corners of the city.

Pushkin Museum

Lovers of fine art can also visit Pushkin's Museum of Fine Art - the second largest museum of foreign art in the country. The museum now holds a huge range of sculptures, paintings, manuscripts and state memorabilia.

Arbat Street

There is more to Moscow than relics from times gone by; there are the skyscrapers, the residences of the wealthiest people on the planet and modern and fresh entertainment complexes located next to tiny bohemian art galleries. The city’s diverse and vibrant culture and makes for a true, authentic experience.

Moscow represents traditional Russia, and yet the city’s diverse and vibrant culture and makes for a true, authentic experience.

Art and culture thrive in contemporary Moscow, but again the old mixes effortlessly with the new. 

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a trip to Moscow is more than just a city-break in one of the world’s most exciting capitals

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Warm Russian Hospitality

The warm beverages, hearty food and cultural activities happen aplenty in Moscow during this time of the year and let the magic of the Russian winter come alive.

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